Thursday, June 29, 2017


so i'm sensing a pattern here...
once again it's taken me until thursday to get to my weekending post.
life has been good and full.
and i've been too immersed in living it to write about it.
we kicked off the weekend friday with a little softball.
it was a beautiful night for it and lily impressed both grandma and grandpa who came to watch her play.
and win.

teddy had baseball saturday morning, and golf friday, saturday and sunday.
another pattern.
lily spent the day with a friend, and i have no idea where the day went.
at the end of it, mike made dough for the margherita pizza i was craving.

we watched a forgettable movie, but it was a perfect relaxing saturday night.
sunday we went for a river walk first thing.
the boys went to golf and lily went to softball.
i had a theatre date to see beautiful.
it was just that.
the music was amazing and nostalgic, but the message was really what blew me away...hold fast to your dreams.

the boys returned from golf and the girls from a little post show cocktail on a sunny, breezy rooftop.
we grilled burgers after dark and stayed up too late singing and scheming, but it was all good.
yes...a pattern.

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