Thursday, June 22, 2017


it's getting harder to report here in a timely fashion.
if years are minutes, summer days are mere seconds.
i swear it was just sunday night after a full weekend and now here we at thursday after a full week.
it was a full and near perfect weekend.
lily played lots of softball. 
mike coached and i watched, cheered and came home with sunburn.
her team went 2-2 in their first tournament proving that there is room to grow, but also solid fundamentals upon which to do so.
the girls looked pretty good, played quite well and seemed to have measurable fun.
teddy played many holes of golf.
he fixed his drive, worked out his putt and tweaked his iron shot (or maybe all 3).
i lose track.
we also celebrated with the special dads we are so lucky to have in our lives...his, mine, theirs.
mike's parents came for pizza after lily's saturday evening game and we had a quick, but nice visit.
teddy took his dad golfing while lily and i volunteered at concessions very early sunday morning.
then my dad and family joined us late afternoon for impromptu bbq ribs and a wiffle ball contest that lasted into the night.
now we're ready to do it all again this weekend.

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