Tuesday, January 31, 2017


my favorite part of the weekend has come to be friday evenings.
i look forward to coming home and decompressing.
it's pizza night so there's no elaborate cooking at casa wags.
there might be wine.
at this time of year...there'll likely be a movie.
This movie was the night's feature.
mike and i found it both entertaining and thought provoking.
it's not for kids, but ted was out with friends and lily was cozied up in bed after camp.
the other thing i love about fridays is that i usually get to bed early.
my second favorite part of the weekend is saturday morning...
early to bed early to rise.
i love being the first one up to enjoy my first cup of coffee in solitude.
although i'm not exactly alone as the cats jockey for a position on my lap.
i read and page through cookbooks planning meals for the week ahead.
after the rest of the family wakes, mike and i usually make a hearty brunch.
i left the boys to watch the badger game and lily to rest while i met jess at the theatre.
20th century women was exactly what i hoped it would be so i guess you could say i loved it.
it was about nothing and everything.
it was about life.
the gist of the line from the film that grabbed me was: all this worrying about whether we're happy is an invitation for depression.
annette benning was the heart of the film, but the whole cast of characters were gems.
i thought a lot about my mom.
mostly because i too grew up in the 70s with a strong willed single mom.
after the film, we peaked into the balcony of the adjacent theatre where an organist was playing music of the night before la la land.
my mom listened to the phantom of the opera every saturday while she cleaned her house.
it was kinda like a hug.
jess and i stopped across the street at hooligans for a cocktail before heading home for dinner.
dinner that mike made for us.
that was a kind gesture.
delicious too.
he made sauce and seasoned the meat for chicken parmesan.
there was just enough french silk pie for dessert.
sunday mike and i walked through downtown and along the lake while the kids had sunday school.
i've missed this route, this tradition.
sunday morning is another weekend favorite of mine.
we spent the day doing our own things and then gathered for dinner at the end of the weekend.
the consensus was meatball subs for the kids and meatballs with spaghetti squash for those not eating gluten.
sunday dinner...another bright spot.
but then i guess that except for sunday night...all of the weekend is my favorite.

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