Friday, January 27, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Lily's return from camp. She had kaleidoscope eyes from too little sleep and she sounded like a Canada goose after days in the cold and rain, but she had fun. Lots of fun. Our conversation centered on the good parts because they outweighed the not so good. I brought her home, gave her some meds, made her a cup of tea with lots of honey, and encouraged her to get in the shower after she snuggled with Peanut for awhile.

Home sweet home.

My friends. I've really needed them this week. They were there.

My mom...she was there for me too. I woke from a sound sleep the other night and I started talking to her...telling her that I really needed her. A few minutes later an owl was calling from the tree outside my dressing room window. I've never heard an owl in my yard before. I know it was the sign I was asking for. I slept soundly the rest of the night.

Mike coming to my rescue when my 3 month old new phone froze. I'm not adept in the tech world. I have no patience, but despite my frustration and obstinance (and brattiness), he figured it out. 

I finished Light YearsThis novel really made me think and I dog eared near a quarter of the pages struck by the poignancy of Salter's words. For example...

The days were strewn about him, he was a drunkard of days. He had achieved nothing. He had his life - it was not worth much - not like a life that, though ended, had truly been something. If I had had courage, he thought, if I had had faith. We preserve ourselves as if that were important. and always at the expense of others. We hoard ourselves. We succeed if they fail, we are wise if they are foolish, and we go onward, clutching, until there is no one - we are left with no companion save God. In whom we do not believe. Who we know does not exist.

Fortunately I do believe in God and I don't believe life ends at 47, and yet so much of these characters resonated within me.

A new book I'm very much looking forward to. A Little Life comes highly recommended. It's not touted as an easy read, which is fine because I'm up for a challenge right now.

Ted asked me to make him a French silk pie. He doesn't ask for much and I love to bake although there is little baking required with this particular recipe. It was perfect. I think it was better than the mini French silk pie Lily picked out at the Public Market last weekend setting this whole pie on the brain thing in motion.

Honesty. We're so afraid to speak our truths today for fear that we'll offend someone, but the people who truly care about us, will hear our truths with open heart and mind. I'm not saying that we need to go around constantly baring our souls or that our truths are shared, only that there are times and topics about which we have a duty to do so. Owning our truths, setting boundaries, living in accordance with our values is not something to shy away from. There's much to be said about the truth setting us free. 

Oh and also that I'm free. I'm free of the monkeys.

A quiet couple days ahead for family time.

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