Tuesday, January 10, 2017


my only goal this weekend was to recharge my battery.
how is it that short weeks can feel so long?
why are lazy days so tiring?
after 10 days of less work and lots of rest or play, i needed just one or two more days.
never enough.
alas, the holidays ended and all too soon.
but it's also good to get back to basics.
fundamentals like tidying up our cluttered spaces and holiday habits.
it's back to the grindstone of  working out, stocking the refrigerator with the colors of the rainbow, purging closets and setting goals.
it's time to look and move forward.
and in an effort to do that we cruelly forced the kids to get out of bed saturday morning to have their passport photos taken for our spring trip.
then while we were out, we tortured them by doing a little shopping and returning.
we have a lot of nerve.
we released them into the company of their friends, poured cocktails and got to collaborating in the kitchen.
clean eating never starts on saturday you know.
mike dredged and sauteed his chicken, and chopped garlic and parsley for the aglio olio.
i was on salad duty.
we decided on what is now known as christmas salad (greens, pecans, pear, goat cheese, mustard vinaigrette) despite the fact that it wasn't a likely pairing with the night's main.
it worked.
dinner was delicious.
alexa kept us entertained.
sunday lily and i had tickets to see the sound of music with my aunt and uncle.
i was blown away, given chills several times, reduced to tears at least three.
maria and the mother abbess's voices were stunning.
the von trapp children one cuter than the next.
we decided to convene on casa wags for a post show/packer play off celebration.
the last naughty menu of the season included choriqueso, homemade onion rings, and grilled sliders.
i ended the weekend feeling inspired and refreshed, but that doesn't mean i'm not already dreaming about the next.

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