Friday, January 20, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Ted landed his first "real" job after a "real" interview.

Both the kids had another stellar semester. I'm proud of  them. Ted just wrapped up his exam week.

Christmas is packed away. The house feels less cluttered so it's good even though it's less merry too.

A movie night and a movie afternoon. Saturday we stayed in and watched The Accountant. I thought it was decent although not riveting. Monday we went to the theater to see Passengers. Although predictable, it was entertaining and thought provoking. We all liked it.

Grace. Giving it, and getting it.

A week of mostly healthy eating. We're doing the AlmostWhole330.

Books. Cats. Smoothies, naps and bonsai trees too.


She's a tea drinker now.

Ten hours of sleep last night. The world has felt a little too much lately, but luckily the anxiety hasn't permeated my dreams.

We're going to Mexico.

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