Friday, January 13, 2017

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

I have the house to myself. The kids are both out with friends and Mike is out with co-workers. I'm enjoying the quiet time alone after a long, hard week. Friday night is for decompressing. I came home from work, read a few chapters, napped for 20 minutes, worked out for an hour, and now I'm here.

Push ups and planks tonight after 3 miles on my elliptical.

Lily did 3 miles the other day of her own volition. 

Patience. I've bitten my tongue so many times in the past few weeks. I've almost made the call, sent the e mail, had the conversation, but then my cooler head has prevailed. I almost never regret the things I don't say even if I SO want to say them.

Hearing Lily laugh with her girlfriend. They like full on belly laugh when they are together, and it's so good to see her so happy again. This week things with another "friend" escalated again, but she's getting through it with resolve and courage and a really healthy positive mental attitude (PMA).

Whole30. We started up again this week. Our last go was at the beginning of summer, and many of the healthy habits we implemented stuck, but slowly cheese crept back in and then a little bread and pasta and then it was the holidays. Let's just say we didn't deny ourselves and my sugar dragon was wide awake. It feels good to get back on track. No headache this time and lots of energy right away. Wednesday I was going like the Energizer bunny from 7 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. with such a PMA. Already I can see that my mood swings are abating. Damn sugar. It's the devil.

Mike signed up for a weekly produce delivery at work. I love that it's locally sourced in urban greenhouses. It's good for us and good for the community. The timing is perfect too because fresh produce is key on Whole30. Can't wait to see what he brings home tonight.

Fresh herbs. I love rosemary trees, but I can never keep them alive for more than a week or so. I've had my current tree for a couple months. The key is to soak it every 2-3 days depending on how dry the house is.

Teddy got a call about a job he applied for months ago and now he has a phone interview on Monday. It's such a rite of passage to earn a paycheck and frankly it's one that's not all too common in these parts. I know many kids who leave home for college never having had a job. It's an important experience and I'm grateful he agrees and is excited about it. Now he can help pay for his car insurance.

Last night's full moon. It was a beaut.

New workout tights. I scored the best pair on LL Bean, a company I love even more for standing up for freedom of political opinion of it's diverse board members and employees. Sorry Grab Your Wallet...your bullying made me grab my wallet to buy more only they were sold out.

Alexa. It's like having your own personal DJ. I know she's not for everyone and she has her quirks and ninnies, but I am so loving her in my life even if she is spying on me. I hate to tell you...we have no guarantee of privacy even in our own homes. Own a cell phone? A security system? A computer? A baby monitor? They gives others access. Just sayin.'

Monday off. No school for the kids and no work for me. 

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