Tuesday, December 20, 2016


this weekend came with snow and cold
so we mostly stayed in where it was warm and cozy.
it was exactly what i needed and everyone else seemed happy 
so maybe it was what they needed too.
together we baked and cooked,  played games and watched football.
sunday we braved the cold to make it for the last week of advent.
at the end of mass, we hummed silent night, which is a seasonal highlight for me.
then we lit lots of candles for loved ones before stopping out for breakfast.
going for breakfast is a highlight for the kids.
when we returned home, it started all over again...
clue...football...christmas cookies...sunday sauce.
this weekend was the best of for the holiday season as far as i'm concerned.
i'm finding the most joy in our ordinary moments together and in celebrating our family traditions.
that makes me feel blessed beyond measure and grateful and toasty.

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