Saturday, December 3, 2016

On Time, The Thief

This has been a rough week for me. I can't exactly put my finger on the cause of the blues I'm feeling as the list of potential causes is long and crowded. There is sad truth to the adage misery loves company

Yesterday it struck me that just a week ago my house was filled with family and my weekend booked with plans. It was a great stretch of days and nights, but I'm a girl who also likes my solitude so a relaxed weekend never gets me down. What hit me was the fact that it seemed like so long ago. Much longer than 7 days. It's that old nag time again passing like the summer breeze barely noticeable until it's gone.

How is it that we're here in the month of December? We're no longer reminded to be grateful, but rather gluttonous. We should eat, drink and be merry. And shop. Every day has a moniker now. Black Friday is joined by Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday and yada yada.

Lily reminded me about Advent calendars the other day. Specifically, where were they? At the store, I confessed. As I recall, they weren't that into counting down to Christmas with crappy chocolates last year so I walked right by them the other day at Winkies. Then she brought up the Advent tree. The one with a little box for each day that I used to fill with treats or tickets for treats. Oh Mom can we please do that one? I love that one! Take one guess what was I was doing the night of December first? 

I skipped that tradition last year. Not sure why. I'd saved some of the tickets from previous years and as I looked through them trying to salvage what I could to make my life easier, I was struck by how they'd outgrown so many of them. Cue the Kleenex. One of their favorites used to be Redeem to stay up an extra 30 minutes. Seriously, I'm in bed before they are most nights these days. They tuck me in. Family Movie Night was another hit. It's near impossible to get them to agree on a movie these days. She wants Prancer and her wants The Purge. Read Christmas books together before bedtime. Highly unlikely. 

Anyway...I got busy making new tickets because I'm a tradition keeper just like my Lil Bit. And, of course, I got into it. She came home from school yesterday bursting to open the box. I told her she had to wait for Teddy who I know is not at all into this anymore unless it involves food or cash, but I'm not letting him off that easy. It's what we do. He and I had the Santa talk the other day, but that's another happysad post. When Lily finally read the day's message, it was about doing for others...kind acts to spread Christmas spirit...things we can do for those in need, and I think she was a little disappointed that it didn't involve sugar or Starbucks. Unfortunately for her, there are many more of the giving nature in the next 21 days. Still we brainstormed a nice list and we're starting a new tradition. She needn't worry though because there will be peppermint mochas, pizza night and spa day too.

I let her open today's box before bed last night. It was a ticket for breakfast at the diner before picking out our tree. I knew she'd like that lots, yet she's still sleeping and he's not home from last night's sleepover. And it's looking like it may have to be lunch. That's OK though because she's going to want chicken tenders anyway.

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