Wednesday, December 7, 2016


the weekend was mostly spent at or close to home.
except for lily who spent afternoon into night saturday in chicago celebrating a friend's birthday.
she had a blast and now wants to live there when she grows up and furnish her apartment with a view of michigan avenue with all things ikea.
she'd also like the christmas lights that set the avenue ablaze to stay lit year round.
before she was picked up by a chauffeur (la ti da), we headed out as a family of four to get our tree.
it was an easy pick and we celebrated our success over brunch out.
that evening we (minus lily) headed to our neighbor's for a badger party.
it was fun despite the disappointing loss.
sunday i woke to snow...the sweetest flurries.
since we had the week off from sunday school, i decided to let the rest of the family sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning.
i watched a movie before they even stirred.
then we watched another before breakfast.
breakfast was brioche french toast and kielbasa and served for lunch.
we never left the house or got out of our pjs/comfies.
the packer game was on in one room and christmas carols in another.
i made homemade stock for ted's choice of sunday dinner: chicken noodle soup, and i made sauce for lily's choice the next night: spaghetti.
we decorated the tree all together and then sat down for dinner as a family.
we really needed ted to trim the top of the tree too.
it was just my perfect idea of a perfect day.

here is the evidence...

chicago dreaming

ted sizes up this 8 foot fir.

saturday morning football talk.



no wine was consumed by these was the loss that did them in.

let it snow.

they barely moved from this nest all day long sunday.

lily and i trimmed her tree.

every ornament has a story. every year we tell them.

the low hanging decorations are fair kitty game.

we have so many treasures that sadly we ran out of room on the tree.

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