Friday, December 2, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Working out tonight even though I really wanted to stay in bed under my covers with my cats and my book. I'm back to The Nightingale and still missing Commonwealth.

The first tree of Christmas. It's always my dining room tree. I fill it with my mom's collection of glass ornaments. The process is cathartic and the tree is beautiful even if it does look a tad crooked this year.

That Jessica has found some Christmas spirit this season. It makes me happy to see her happy. And it will make Lily happy to be invited over. Hint hint.

Watching This Is Us with my kids. It's our favorite. Yes, even Teddy's. It's such a quality show and every character is my favorite.

Walking. Walking while listening to The Moth. I'm seriously addicted to these podcasts. This week my favorite was Extraordinary Proof  told by David Walsh. Apparently, storytelling is not a lost art.

I noticed that someone scattered pumpkins throughout the woods for the critters. I had just thrown mine in the yard waste bin although I thought briefly about setting them out. Too messy I decided. When I got home, I pulled them out and left them for the animals. Sometimes acts of kindness are so simple.

Shopping with Lily this week for a new winter coat and for a friend's birthday present. This girl knows what she likes and wants. She tried on like 5 jackets and was decided. She put together a thoughtful collection of gifts for her friend. She has a generous spirit and loves giving almost as much as receiving.

Tomorrow she'll be spending the day in Chicago for the birthday party. They're taking a chauffeured car for the trip. That's a pretty awesome 13th birthday party if you ask me.

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