Friday, December 9, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

It was a week of ups and downs. I guess they all are, but this stretch of days had me feeling life's many undulations full on. Then I was able to go out for a little spontaneous cheer with my friend tonight. We both needed it and our moods were much improved after a couple glasses, a few laughs and many lights and sparkles.

The last time I was in the lobby at the Pfister at Christmas it was with my Cousin Carol. Being there again brought back warm memories, and when I posted this picture on Instagram, her daughter thought of that weekend too.

When I got home, Lily and I watched This Is Us and I cried. I cried because of what happened, because I really want to be a Pearson and because I can't find out what happens until January 10th. Then after that Lily put on ALDC and I laughed and felt like the best mother ever! Peanut slept soundly and kept me toasty warm through all hysterics.

Nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve.

I was in numerous buildings downtown today and they're all decked out for Christmas. Wisconsin Avenue is glowing too.

Lily's invited to bake cookies with my aunt tomorrow. She loves to be busy in the kitchen and I think it'll be nice for them to spend some girl time together. I'm not sure how far down our annual list I'm going to get this year. I made the first (and only) cookie of Christmas this week so that's a start.

5-8" of snow in the forecast tomorrow.

Christmas lights. It's pure hygge when the house is illuminated by only white twinkling lights.

Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong. It's one of my favorites. I love her interpretation of old classics and her voice is soulful.

Zaffiros pepperoncini pizza.

This week Lily agreed to pull the pumpkin off the top of someone's trash so we could put it in the yard for the critters. On Wednesday I watched a squirrel spend the better part of the day breaking into a pumpkin and then devouring the seeds. I swear he fattened up before my eyes.'s really that simple this week. Gratitude 101.

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