Wednesday, June 29, 2016

two day pass

as far as weekends go, this one had all the essential elements:
family, friends. freedom and fun.
friday the boys were at teddy's game while the girls plus jessica went out for pedicures.
he pitched a complete game, had 9 strike outs and they won so i was sorry to have missed it but...
but i really needed a pedicure.
we all enjoyed an impromptu birthday dinner for jess of grilled tenderloin, portobello mushrooms, sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus.
and a sweet little birthday cake lily luckily made at camp that day.
saturday ted played in a tournament with the varsity team.
good experience, but no wins.
the rest of us rested and readied for a belated father's day celebration for my father-in-law that eve.
it was another seasonally correct feast of wings and burgers and grilled vegetables and s'mores.
the kids played wiffle with their cousins until they could scarcely see their hands in front of their faces.
we got ready for the week ahead on sunday.
the day involved lots of laundry and work in the kitchen.
we made ghee, mayo and a crustless quiche.
banana bread and a peach crisp for my two too as they are still eating sugar.
i haven't much missed the sugar until i smelled these baking.
then we all set out for a bike ride on the beautiful afternoon.
when we returned, the boys went to golf 18 and lily and i watched joy.
we both gave it a thumbs up.
i made myself finish mothering sunday before bed.
i wasn't ready for monday, but i was eager for a new book.

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