Friday, June 10, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Teddy getting called up to varsity as a freshman because he's worked so hard to always give his best. My #17 is as big as the older boys, but there is a sizable difference between 15 year olds and 16-18 year olds. Case in point. After the game the other eve during which he made the plays he was expected to make like the seasoned player he is, he rode his bike to the far end of our subdivision and then coasted home hands free the whole mile. Hands free and free of proper shoes and helmet. I hope he hones his risk assessing abilities before it's legal for him to get behind the wheel of a car because that is in the purview.  

I have a 7th and a 10th grader. I'm equal parts grateful for another successful school year for my kiddos and verklempt that the passage of time seems to speed as we age.

 I may have failed to capture his last day of 9th grade photo because his ride was in the driveway as soon as he sat down for breakfast. He's good at many things. Time management is not one of them. The last day eve I snapped a quick shot of him at short. It's not a good one because I was trying to be quick and sly sensing how uncool it is to have your own momarazzi especially when you're playing with juniors and seniors. And yet it is good because it reminds me that he's forging into a whole new world and phase of life, and it's time and he's ready and I'll always be there on the sidelines no matter what. 

She posed for the last day photo, and after she left I looked at it stunned by what I saw. I saw a young woman with just the slightest trace of little girl lingering, and I have to concede that years are minutes and wonder how I can even be nostalgic for yesterday?

After practice, before dinner baseball fundamentals in the yard...just the two of them and a bucket of balls.

Team Pony Tail. They have yet to win a game, but this is brand new to all of them. They are trying their best and having fun. Lily pitched tonight and pitched well. She also had the only hit of the game.

Rainbows reminding me that storms bring beauty too ala no grit no pearl. This one appeared after a charged weekend with extended family.

Spending time with my Cousin Carol. Despite all that she has been through, she looks great and has the same bright shining spirit.

Happy Trails and Grandpas who chaperone the girls despite the fact that he's not particularly enamored with horseback riding.

Spending time with my family. Kinky Boots and dinner at our favorite old school Italian restaurant were entertaining and delicious.

Kinky shoes not boots for the occasion.

When my husband plans, shops for and cooks dinner. He served us a grill sampler. Not pictured is corn on the cob, Brussels sprouts as big as your head and toasted ciabatta. 

Whole30. We started on Monday and it's going great. It deserves a post of its own so I'll be working on that.

Trader Joe's for having so many fresh, organic and fairly priced items that are Whole30 compliant.

 I'm also grateful for their Spindrift seltzer water, which tastes like such a treat. The grapefruit flavor is the best seltzer I've ever had. The cold brew coffee is another must-try product.

I'm a retired lunch lady. No more packing lunches for the next few months.

Fresh-cut peonies.

Alleluias and Amens

School's's summer baby!

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