Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2 day pass

i'm just not finding the time or the inclination to muse lately.
life is full.
full is the word i choose instead of busy.
it sounds more positive.
positive is the mindset i want to embrace for all the people in my life who need me.
these are the people that make my days and nights full.
think of it as an intention.

mother nature flipped the switch and it's summer, but the days feel shorter not longer.
saturday the middle of the day simply seemed to evaporate.
one minute i'm enjoying my coffee and coconut milk, and the next it's already 4 o'clock and almost happy hour.
usually that would make me happy.
it did not make me happy.

the weekend was front-end loaded with baseball and back-filled with family.
lily more than survived her first softball tournament saturday in the grueling heat and teddy had a game, which is the better part of the day affair when away.
it was away.
we packed up for a quick visit to windmill beach where there was swimming and s'moring and once again too little time.
lake michigan was 10 degrees warmer than 2 weeks ago and; therefore, refreshing.
thank you southerly wind.
the sky was showy again, but the best parts about looking up this time were sighting the bald eagles fishing at gloaming and the flock of prehistoric pelicans flying single file through the balmy morning air.
yes, there are pelicans in wisconsin.
the cotton candy clouds were a bonus.
teddy even enjoyed the beach this time because he used it as a giant sand trap and that was a bonus too.

yet sunday morning he was the one motivating his dad and uncle to the links.
they met grandpa for 9 holes while the girls enjoyed the woods and the beach a little longer.
we gathered for father's day dinner prepared generously by my dad, the grillmaster.
or one of them.
saturday eve my sister-in-law and i were vying for the title when we fired up the grill for chicken.
we didn't do half bad either.

i collapsed in bed after the weekend a little sandy, a little sunburned and mostly full. 

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