Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two Day Pass

we celebrated the first weekend of summer vacation.
there was lots of baseball.
2 games for him and 2 games for her.
i sat in the shade where it only felt about 92 degrees.
it seemed rather blasphemous to have such heat when it's not even summer yet.
there was also lots of golf.
ted played friday and saturday evening after his games.
sunday he played with his generous aunt and uncle.
i spent the better part of sunday in the kitchen feeding family and prepping for whole30 week two.
i got out of my apron only long enough to sneak in a quick workout.
i would just clean up and then someone would wake up or come in hungry.
my brother in law came with a chain saw and a kind helping hand.
he stayed for sunday dinner.
mike grilled steak and sweet potatoes while i sauteed shrooms and roasted the prosciutto wrapped asparagus.
everything on my plate was my favorite. 
we sat around the island reminiscing and it felt exactly as a summer evening should.

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