Tuesday, May 24, 2016

two day pass

this weekend was no different than the past few, and the next few will likely look very much the same.
the days are busy with baseball, softball, golf and yard work.
the nights are busy with friends and family.
lily had a party one night and a sleepover the next.
ted played his first high school game saturday at short.
he had a great play and scored the first of 21 runs.
then after the victory, he, mike and i went to hooligans for wings and sandwiches.
it's so rare that it's just the 3 of us, and it was a little bit nice.
on the way home, we drove along the lake to admire the full moon...a blue moon.
we stopped and walked to the water's edge to get a good view and the air felt a touch magical.
sunday my brother and sil stopped for happy hour.
we toasted their anniversary and reminisced about where we were 6 years ago...the pink bermudian beaches.
how was that 6 years ago?
the weekend seemed too short...too fast.
how did it already become sunday night?

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