Friday, May 20, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My quiet house. Lily's at a birthday party with the girls, Teddy's golfing with the boys, Mike is enjoying happy hour with his brother after a day of golf and trout fishing, and I'm here. 

Before coming here I finally finished May We Be Forgiven. I almost didn't want it to end, and yet I was satisfied with the ending. Read it.

This line: May we be forgiven; it is a prayer, an incantation.

Girls. When I dropped Lily off, they all came to the door and surrounded her like the paparazzi. We should all receive warm greetings like that when we arrive at a party.

Boys. When I dropped them at the golf course, suddenly they looked so much more like young men despite the fact that they're first and foremost...goofballs.

Brothers. Lifelong friends.

Tonight's sky softly tinged pink. It seemed to promise a weekend of possibilities in the purview.

Yesterday's reminder that we should always try on our new uniform prior to minutes before the first game. I was the definition of speedy as I raced to the sporting good store last minute for proper fitting pants. I was proud, Lily was thankful, and I think Mike was stunned. We even had time to spare for a picture.

The way Lily worked through her nerves and kinks while on the mound. Once she found her groove, it was almost 1-2-3. the ready on third.

When dad is your very own personal coach.

All smiles after the game and before pizza.

Teddy has his first game on Saturday night. I picked up his friend today and we chatted the whole way home about baseball mostly, and how it sucks that Teddy isn't on their team. Honestly, I learned more from Zach in a 5 minute car ride than I do most weeks from Teddy.

This commencement address. I hope the graduates she was addressing took Sandberg's words to heart because her's the kind of wisdom one doesn't garner from lectures or books.

This blog post. I need to read it daily.

This cake. I didn't change a thing except I doubled or tripled the chocolate chips. We never finish a cake. This one didn't last the week. Bake it.

My husband's hard work landscaping last weekend. He started an edging project that made a world of difference in our front bed. Now I'm inspired to plant some new bushes and flowers. I'd be grateful if I knew what. There are too many choices.

Wednesday. It was my perfect day. It went like this: Tigger wakes me up, make kids lunch and breakfast and get them off to school, enjoy coffee while blogging, 3 mile walk while I  listen to my new book on a gorgeous morning, wash and fold all the laundry and clean out refrig, bake a batch of blueberry muffins, pick up Ted, take him to practice, pick up Lil and take her shopping, make dinner while rest of the family is at practice, enjoy happy hour with Mike, sit down for family dinner, retire to read with Tigger and Peanut.

A brand new Kitchen Aid mixer is on its way to me. My used only about 5 times mixer failed. I immediately called the 800# rather hot, and the rep calmly told me they would send me a new one. I'm lucky I registered my purchase. I feel like my grandparents when I say things aren't made the way they used to be though. That actually deserves a whole rant post of its own.

Finding selfies on my phone.

My brother and sil closed on their new Lake Michigan retreat. I'm happy for them and looking forward to all the fun times and family memories we'll make on Windmill Beach.

Only like 3 weeks of school left.

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