Friday, May 27, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Teddy is ok after being hit in the clavicle by a pitch when he was catching during Tuesday's game. He almost fainted, his vision was blurred and there was ringing in his ears, but a cold Gatorade, rest and ice took care of it.

The spring choir concert. It was a busy week. By Thursday, the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a hot theater on a beautiful night, but the kids sang and danced and entertained. I really enjoyed the performance. The theme was movie music. The whole choir sang Hero from Boyhood as the last number and it got me verklempt. Lily waved to us at least 6 times so I know it means a lot to her for us to be there, and really, that's exactly where I want to be.

A trip to the nursery for my annual haul of strepto carpella. Every year I meander along the country roads to get to the nursery and I travel down memory lane while I talk with my mom. The plants were twice the size they were last year, and my grief was twice as small.

The beautiful funeral service I attended for my co-worker's husband. It was my first time ever in a baptist church. I was loving the strong sense of community, the freedom of expression and the music. It was a sad sad occasion, but the service was a celebration of his life and his new calling.

I received my new Kitchen Aid mixer this week. Hopefully, this one doesn't crap out on me after 5 uses.

Peonies in bloom.

Baby bunnies. They eat apples I've discovered.

Girl talks. Lily and I had a big one late last Friday night. I am not at liberty to disclose what we discussed, but I can say that she has a heart of gold and a wisdom beyond her 11 years. I admire the way she already holds herself to the same standards she has for others, that she can say she is sorry and truly forgive and forget, and her positivity.  She looks until she finds the good in everyone and always assumes the best of intentions.

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