Friday, February 27, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Coming home after a long day to find that my Dad left a pot of his famous beef barley soup and a loaf of bread at our door.  It was just what I needed after a long, cold day.

Taking the long way home and at T. Bone's request Saturday.  We went out for dinner, and then through the donut drive thru for dessert.  Even our resident teen, wanted the night to last just a little longer.  The hot, sugary donut holes were gone before we even made it to Lake Drive btw.

Sandwich Sunday at church.  Everyone got involved making sandwiches for a local homeless shelter.

Boyhood.  I didn't fully appreciate the movie until I read an article about Richard Linklater in the New Yorker.  I realized that the film was not gimmicky, but rather very true to his passion of exploring the elusive passage of time.  It's important to him to portray his stories about real life honestly and humbly, and in looking back I think he achieved that with this film.

Background knowledge.  I used to get a little irritated when my English teachers would "waste" time prattling on about the authors we were reading.  I just wanted to discuss the work.  Now I'm fascinated by their lives, intentions, motivations and I see how valuable this knowledge is in deciphering the work.  I recently finished Torch.  In the preface, Strayed addresses the similarities between her first novel, a work of fiction, and Wild, her memoir.  She said, "One of the greatest paradoxes of writing fiction is that it's often only through imagination that a writer can reveal the greatest truth."  And also, "Fiction gave me the license to seek.  It allowed me to tell the only story I could at the time, one that exceeded the bounds of my own grief - a grief that was so enormous I couldn't hold it alone."  Having lost my mother, it makes perfect sense to me.

Three trips to Michael's, two trips to Office Max, and only one minor parental rant later and T. Bone completed his presentation for Science Fair hours before it was due.  His awareness that time management is an area in which he needs much improvement.

Salads, but especially Caesar this week.  Miss Bit is slightly obsessed with them too only she can never see me make the dressing.  If she does, I fear she'll change her mind.

Next up is All the Light We Cannot See.  I've been waiting for Doerr's novel, and the timing is perfect.

This one...part girl part fish.

Signs from the sun that spring is on the horizon.

Heat.  It's been bitter cold most of the week, but he knows how to keep warm.

Time to create.

Coming home today to find a letter from a friend tucked in among the catalogs and bills.  It was such sweet start to the weekend to remember the fun night we shared last Friday.