Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2 day pass

while ted was away for a weekend of skiing,
we enjoyed lots of one on one time with lily.
because their interests vary so widely, it's nice to be able to do this from time to time.
not to mention, that he's a teenager who prefers hanging out with friends while she still thinks her parents are sorta cool sometimes (and especially when they are indulging her and only her).
we did things that she loves because we love her.
and also because she doesn't ask for much and she appreciates everything.
she was happy whether we were baking, shopping, painting pottery, taking pictures with her new camera, attending a play, or just spending time together or with loved ones.
she whipped up what are now known as lily's famous molten chocolate cakes for valentine's desert.
masterchef jr...here she comes!
we celebrated the holiday with a  family friendly evening at home and it was perfect.
mike cooked the steaks beautifully, lily make the vinaigrette for salad, and i made my favorite asparagus side.
we lit candles, played jazz and toasted one another.
she declared it was the best valentine's ever even before we agreed to let her choose the movie.
we had tickets for hairspray sunday afternoon, and were happily entertained.
it ranks right up there as one of our all time favorite performances.
later that evening we enjoyed family dinner at my brother and sil's.
lily helped her aunt assemble the lasagna and was happy to end the night with a spirited game of heads up.
monday we lunched with aunt jess and then spent some time in the studio painting.
she finally painted the turtle she's had her eye on.
i chose a plate and jess painted a spoon rest.
we headed to cedarburg to do a little shopping.
at miss bit's request we visited not one, but two candy shops.
she spent $14! on jelly bellys, and the rest of her money on a sweet little owl now known as sage.
we came home to share the giant caramel apple jess bought, and to take the bertie bott challenge at lily's persistent yearning.
the adults got stuck with skunk, grass clippings, vomit and stinky socks while lil got the licorice, green apple, pear and tutti frutti.
i opened the wine and made a new recipe for chicken cordon bleu meatballs for dinner not eager for the day or the weekend to come to an end.
but it did...it had too.
jess went home, ted came home happy after an awesome ski weekend, and we all went to bed exhausted and inspired after a very full few days.