Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2 day pass

this weekend was one long exhale.
i could have paused for at least another day.
especially since the world around me and the people in it didn't exactly stop or even slow.
nevertheless, i did my best to simply breathe and be.here.now in between chauffeuring and chaperoning.
i spent as much time as possible doing only what my soul stirred me to.
it wan't much...just enough.
i read and i wrote with cats at my feet like dense loaves of bread or curled in my lap like lima beans.
i walked along the lakefront in the howling wind that whipped like winter, but smelled sweet as spring.
i baked for the first time since the holidays...
a cake for miss bit's half birthday.
she's 10 1/2, which is both beautiful to my heart and beyond my mind's comprehension.
we don't always celebrate half birthdays, but we were in need of some sweetness and sugar after a rash of doom and gloom.
i'm happy to report that the dark cloud's lifted.
and now i'm breathing easier.
around the table for sunday night dinner, i felt it in my bones:
that palpable shift in energy...
from laborious to light.
and then i inhaled and went to bed for the night.