Friday, February 6, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Weeks end.  As I recall, last Friday I felt grateful that we made it through the week.  Apparently that was just a trite little teaser for the real trial, which we endured this past week.  I don't want to rehash any of it thankyouverymuch, but it falls along the whole whatever can go wrong will vein, and also the whatever doesn't kill you doesn't kill you train.  Lots went wrong and we're still alive so I'm choosing to see that as a happy ending to a really shitty week.  Sayonara.

Running out in my last night's pjs at gloaming Sunday just in time to catch my neighbor's plow guy.  It had been snowing for hours and inches.  Coach was in bed sick and Ted had a sore back that even kept him home from skiing the day before.  It was worth the $45 to get plowed out.  Coach didn't get out of bed for days and Ted didn't feel better until immediately after the plow left.  It was then that he felt well enough to go outside and build a 6 foot ski ramp in the yard.  I simply poured a glass of wine and watched him from the warm and cozy house just thankful for the 60 minutes of silence and that he was letting his sister help.

Kids that like to play outside.  Yes, even in the cold.  They didn't have recess all week, but Miss Bit came home and played in the snow with her friend for hours.  That's what I used to do, and I didn't have a single stitch of techie gear like they do.

She can and she prefers to make her own hot cocoa now.  With milk, marshmallows, chocolate syrup and clouds of whipped cream.

Channeling my mom.  This week I actually pulled out the only boring people are bored and when I was your age cards, I heard her when I laughed, and I caught myself on more than one occasion say out loud...I want my mom. Ok maybe I said mommy.

Standing my ground.  She didn't want to go to her swim meet last night.  I didn't want to go to her swim meet last night either for entirely different reasons.  Giving in to her nerves would have only validated her anxiety so I knew she had to participate.  After a pep talk and a bribe, she took first in one event and second in another.  Now she cannot wait for next week's meet, and she learned an important lesson.  Turns did I.

The sky.  Especially early in the morning and just before twilight.  So many shades of pink.

Few plans in the days ahead.  I am grateful to not be busy being busy.  It's way overrated.