Friday, June 27, 2014

Grateful Friday

What I am most grateful for on the cusp of the weekend is that I have vacation for the next ten days.  The transition to summer schedules, which often means no schedule at all, has been trying at times.  I intend to just be. here. now. as I soak in the sun, breathe the fresh air and wallow in freedom.

I also give thanks today for...

Setting off for a mid week bike ride with Miss Bit.  We rode side by side enjoying the scenery and casual conversation.

Sam.  Coming home from work to a tidy house and happy kids gathered around the dining room table deep into a game of Monopoly.

I finished Valley of Amazement.  It was loooong, and while it was not one of my favorite of  Tan's works, I did enjoy it.  The story was beautifully told by a trio of narrators including the author herself.  Despite the length, I wanted the story to go on a little longer.  It felt front-end loaded to me.

Now I am listening to Wally Lamb's We Are Water, and I was smitten after chapter 1.  I am liking the story as well as the narrators.

Cherries.  I bought 2 pounds worth and ate them almost all by myself.

Miss Bit is working hard on mastering the underwater turn in the pool.  She went to swim team several times this week despite the chilly temperatures and looming fog.

T. Bone is really loving his tennis camp.  He wants to sign up for another session.

T. Bone and Miss Bit went with Grandma and Grandpa to cheer the Brewers onto a victory this week.  I think Lily enjoyed the game a little more than Ted.  It may have been her first.  She came home talking stats and favorite players (Rickie Weeks).  (And Hank too, of course, but he was not in attendance.)

Long days.  Extra hours of daylight.

A walk with Coach tonight to kick off the weekend.