Monday, June 9, 2014

2 day pass

this weekend we were only home to sleep.
we rode the momentum like a wave all the way to shore...
still upright, but a wee bit water logged and a way too sun kissed.
coach and i stepped out a tad guilty on a sublime friday night.
the kind of weekend eve that could and should last forever, but never lasts long enough.
we toasted my uncle vic over glasses of cold pbr at what still feels like his brewery.
i'm not a beer girl, but it sure tasted special.
i am a bit of a sign girl, and i sure could feel him smiling down upon us.
then we headed over to see the amazing and inspiring...the amazingly inspiring (and cute as a button) tony bennett croon.
wow! i say wow!
i just about lost it when he sang all over the stage with his lovely and talented daughter antonia.
and speaking of talent...
my all star won not one but two ball games saturday.
it was another move in the right direction for the young team.
t. bone reacted to the opponent's attempt at a second suicide bunt in a way that wowed everyone watching.
oh and also a pickle and a critical out.
he's known not just for his skill as a ball player, but also his game smarts.
we were all the way in grandma and grandpa's west woods so we stopped in for dinner.
after all the fresh air and excitement, burgers and italians never tasted so good.
it was one of those impromptu gatherings that makes you appreciate sudden spontaneity.
sunday we were back at the ballpark for round two.
the team lost, but almost could have won a difficult game against a formidable opponent.
they played a second game and won bringing home smiles and third place medals.
we met up with family at a gathering nearby.
some cousins my kids have never met and that i haven't seen in decades and some we don't get to see near enough because they live in colorado.
it was easy fun.
the kind of get together you leave questioning why you don't do so more often.
when we rolled in after dark on sunday night, it was time for showers and then sleep.
we were all bone tired but heart happy.