Friday, June 6, 2014

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The last Friday of fourth and seventh grades.  Everyone is ready for a change in schedules and scenery.

An almost screen free week.  No blogging or Instagram. It made me cognizant of the fact that checking our phones and visiting our sites is such a strong habit, an impulse often mindless.  I don't miss it much when I make an effort to focus elsewhere.

Miss Bit won a Kindle Fire in a church raffle last weekend.  It's the first thing she has ever won and it's sort of a big thing too.  She's been on cloud 9 and though I felt responsible to bring her back to earth, I didn't want to dull her sparkle.  I did casually mention that it is virtually the same as her I pad.  I suspect we have plenty enough devices here at Casa Wags.

T. Bone wrote a poem about his one day dog and cabin that I read with warmth while on the verge of tears. That sweet side gets me every time!

Miss Bit playing catcher.  The first ball rolled by her and she watched it not budging until everyone starting yelling for her to get the ball.  As if!  She did have a nice out at both home and third.

Not so random acts of thoughtfulness.  My sil attended a book reading and had the author sign a copy for me with a message that was not lost on me.

Tickets from my boss to see Tony Bennett tonight.  I saw him perform once before many years ago with my Mom.  It is supposed to be a beautiful evening...perfect for a night out with Coach.

Roasted cauliflower and chick peas in a mustard vinaigrette.

I went through a box of my Mom's cards and mementos from the year she was sick.  It is a long and emotional process, but it also is comforting to remember how many people were praying for her.  I felt very close to her even though it made me miss her terribly.

Angels on earth.

Angels in Heaven.

An gathering of extended family this weekend.

Family always and forever.