Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2 day pass

we left town early friday for a baseball tournament.
we were excited for a weekend in the wisconsin dells...
aka the waterpark capitol of the world.
peanut was not excited to see us packing up to leave.

 the all star's first game was friday evening.
they lost, but it was a good game and a different experience to play on turf.

miss bit was bat girl.
the players were so sweet and mostly handed her the on deck bats instead of chucking them at her.

as we left the ball park, we were wowed by a brilliant bifurcated sky...
on what was the longest day of the year.
the night was still relatively young, so the kids explored the pools...
before poker and then pizza, which may not have arrived until just before midnight.

 the boys were a little listless for their early morning game...
against the #1 team in the state.
yikes! it was a bit brutal...
that winning combination of little sleep, lots of chlorine and a seasoned, well rested opponent.

they looked like a different team during their afternoon game...
filled with energy and enthusiasm.
and that was the winning recipe.
the celebration commenced first at the pool...

and then at the restaurant where we gathered for a team dinner. 
the next morning the team had to take on the #1 thunder cats again.
really twice in one tournament?!?
they played much better and even had the lead for a short while.
ultimately they lost, but i know that everyone had a fun weekend.
the silver lining was that we were home in time to cheer on our other team in the world cup.