Wednesday, October 19, 2016


it was pretty much the perfect weekend.
perfect because it was filled to the brim with our favorite things.
things like family and friends...races and and and entertaining.
you get the gist.
the scales were tipped in favor of enjoyment and that is what weekends are all about.
unfortunately, mike spent a fair amount of time painting lily's room and that isn't really his idea of fun.
the thing is he's doing it for her, and she is most appreciative and excited.
i so love the spa blue that reminds me of the sea and the sky that i've teased her about moving in myself and ribbed him about painting the master ceiling that same shade.
he says no and not just because he's over manual labor.
jess stopped by on a whim for a sneak peak and ended up staying for pizza and wine.
i love friends who know they are always welcome, carbs and grapes.

 it's also peanut approved.

saturday we were up early for ted's last cross country race of the season.
the course was hilly and challenging.
it was tough for the team...ted included.
he took third on his team.
he likes to take second, and would love to come in first.
next year perhaps.
now we're onto baseball (training) and getting a job.

team spirit

lining up
and they're off

 ted's at the head of the nicolet pack

 after the first hill, he falls back to second for his team and third overall

in a sea of blue

after the race...he's smiling because it's over, we're smiling because he's ours and we're proud

after the meet, ted went to lunch with the team and then to play football with friends.
the life of ted is a splendid thing.
mike got back at painting.
lily and i went shopping for her room and then made a detour first to the apple orchard and second to the pumpkin patch.
we filled a bushel with cortlands and our favorite yellow golds.
we piled a wagon full of fat pumpkins for carving.
then we came home with just enough time to make treats for our neighbor's badger party that evening.


we were lucky to find so many trees still full of fruit

 caprese, pizza, and proscuitto, brie and fig homemades for game time

snicker doodle chef at work

ted talked his way out of sunday school in order to golf with his grandpa and his uncle.
remember snow and job coming soon.
mike got back to painting again, but he would have much preferred to golf.
thanks love.
lily went to sunday school and i went shopping again.
this time for sunday night family dinner with my brother and sister-in-law.
lily played her last softball game of the season on the beautiful afternoon.

ready at first 

getting on the bag to make a play


she and i came home and got busy in the kitchen again.
our carefully planned menu went like this: herbs du provence grilled chops, homemade parmesan and basil gnocchi, cider braised brussels sprouts with bacon and lilys made with love applesauce. 
triple berry pie with vanilla bean ice-cream was for dessert breakfast.

blueberry, raspberry, blackberry perfection.

my first lattice top...had to consult mike the painter for assistance

next time i'll add twice as much turbinado sugar

farmer's market beauts

gnocching...they are putzy. 

she was the gnocchi master, but truth be told it was a family affair getting these cuties from pan to table. not sure there will be a repeat performance any time soon.

we gathered around the table for snacks, games (a competitive spelling bee this night) and then dinner.
every one of us lamented that the weekend wasn't longer.
yet each of us gave thanks for the blessings before us and the week ahead of us.

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