Tuesday, October 11, 2016


i'm sitting here trying to find the words to sum up the weekend.
i'm at a loss.
it seems a bit pointless to prattle on about the things we did, the weather, the fun.
pointless in light of the things weighing on my mind and heart...
family stuff, friend stuff, political shit.
but maybe that's exactly why i come here...to share the good parts.
they are evidence.
evidence of joy and hope and sanctity.
this is my testimony...

teddy got a pr in his last conference meet of the season, played golf both saturday and sunday, and had a blast before, during and after homecoming with a group of friends..
both the kids attended the homecoming festivities on a beautiful friday night, and they even said hi to one another in public.
mike took lily to the mall so i could take a nap and she could indulge her bath and body works and combat boot desires.
both their sunday school teachers brought delicious pastries for class and while they gorged, mike and i walked along the lakefront enjoying the sublime sunday morning and the showy sky.
saturday night it was chinese delivery and paper towns.
sunday night was mexican take out and the packers.
lily's team won their soft ball game.
not sure who won the debate, but i'm quite sure it's not the american people.
and yet here is proof that life is full of goodness and grace.


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