Friday, October 7, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A skinny vanilla latte this morning and the friend who delivered it to me.

Despite the fact that I overslept by 1/2 an hour this morning, I still managed to serve the kids a hot breakfast, make their healthy lunches, and send Lily off with nicely coiffed hair for picture day.

That I bought 2 pecks of apples this week because Ted took one to his spaghetti dinner last night.

Tonight he runs his last race. I'm sad to see the season end. It's such a positive experience. Hopefully, he'll hit the gym all winter long to get ready for baseball and to blow off energy.

Homecoming this weekend. Lily has plans to attend tonight's festivities with friends and Ted will join his after cross country. Then tomorrow he is going for dinner and to the dance with a group of guys and girls. This year he's a man with a plan.

My maple tree.

Mike for taking off with me on the anniversary of my mom's death. We ended up having lunch at her favorite burger joint and as we toasted her, I realized that we were enjoying her very last meal.  

Ornamental cabbage.

New pillows. 

A dinner date.

Groovy guys.

Squash season. I baked these last week topped with brown sugar, maple syrup and butter and they were more like dessert than dinner. Next week I'm making acorn squash soup.

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