Wednesday, April 13, 2016

two day pass

one of the things i treasure about weekends this time of year is that we have few obligations.
holidays and celebrations are scarce so we make our own.
friday i had my favorite group of girlfriends over for long over-due catch up and and wine as well.
the time always expires too fast and so many stories go unfinished or altogether untold, and yet i always feel at ease.
as the snow accumulated, we gathered moments, laughs, levity.
i believe we all feel the strong chi and are thankful for the uncanny ties that bind.
my mom was with us not surprisingly...she is the most common denominator.
although most of the snow melted by morning, the day was still slow and lazy.
i slept later than i have in ages despite the fact that i first woke at dawn.
it was a perfect day for binge watching (billions) or binge playing (mine craft or ps4).
my brother and sil stopped over for happy hour at the end of day on a whim.
spontaneity is responsible for some of the best of times.
we tailored our talk to avoid politics and to focus on lake houses.
sunday was all about errands and practices and getting ready for the week ahead.
i roasted a chicken because although i prefer white meat, there is something about slow roasting a whole bird that speaks to my soul.
it was quite good served with a side of spring-fresh asparagus.
this time of year strikes me as so full of contradictions...
buds on the trees and tulips in vases, but snow on the ground.
boots one day and flip flops the next.
wanting to stretch and grow into the light of the longer days, but also desiring a little more time to cozy up with books and cats.
sensing the change in the air and also ruing that things cannot remain exactly as they are right now.