Friday, April 29, 2016

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

My quiet house right now. The cats are catching rays and I'm writing words after a long, draining week.  

Lily is practicing pitching in the yard with her dad who is coach once again.  He's always coached T.'s finally her turn, and I think they're both enjoying it.

Teddy went straight from practice on one course to play 9 on another despite the fact it's in the 40s. He is completely committed to golf right now, and his scores show it. I love that it's something he can enjoy for the rest of his life too.

That he set up a date with my dad last weekend to get a new driver. My dad told me how great that made him feel. We all feel him growing up and away, so those one on ones are extra special.

Every morning these two have breakfast together.

A little inspiration in the kitchen the past seven days. It was long overdue. Not pictured is a batch of banana bread muffins hot out of the oven that were happily consumed by hungry kids and their friends.

No one at Casa Wags was too excited about the salmon, but the risotto sure was tasty.

Tomatillo salsa. They are only available for a short window so I make lots while I can.

White mac & cheese which means mozzarella, goat, white cheddar and a little Parm, all leftover in the cheese drawer.

Garlic and lemon roast chicken.

I just about finished H is for Hawk, and I'm grateful I stuck with it.

These words I so understand from the memoir...

I was in ruins. Some deep part of me was trying to rebuild itself, and its model was right there on my fist. The hawk is everything I wanted to be: solitary, self-possessed, free from grief, and the numb to the hurts of human life.

Gerbera daisies.

Forgiveness for myself and others.

Gentleness towards myself and others.

Luxury. 600 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. 

When I was really really sad yesterday and Lily just looked at me and asked, "Mom, do you need a hug?" It was exactly what I needed.

The four people who left kind comments on my last post. Only 12% of readers took the time to comment, but I'm going to focus on their positive juju and move on with big loving gratitude for them, and obviously it doesn't matter to me at all because I just took the time
to figure out the percentage and I hate math.

Tonight is pizza and movie night. Probably a little vino tinto too.