Wednesday, April 6, 2016

two day pass

friday was the last day of spring break.
teddy was in the dells with friends having a blast so i knew i wanted to do something fun with lily.
we hemmed and hawed over our options until we finally decided to rank them and compare notes.
#1 on both lists was an a-z photo scavenger hunt that we sorta invented as we went along.

along and around the north shore to many of our favorite places on such a picturesque day.
our first stop was at the lynden sculpture gardens: a for art work.

our last stop was at baskin robbins: i for ice cream.
we obviously didn't go in order.
once home, lily proudly arranged all 26 polaroids in an album.
i smile every time i page through it.
it was a really great day and a welcome reminder that some of the best memories are made close to home on ordinary days.

she was tired after all the fresh air, and ted was beat after 2 days at the water park so they were thankful for a quiet night.
i was looking forward to a date with jess and Mollie Morningstar.
we stopped off at transfer for a cocktail and an order of brushetta salami before arriving for the session.

although neither of us received readings, it was a good and soul stirring night.
on the way home, we stopped to decompress over wine and pizza.
as promised, we woke to snow saturday morning.

mike and the kids met up with his brother and kids at the audubon center.
i'm pretty sure this was the first saturday in forever that ted rose before noon.
i met jess again.
this time for an afternoon of shopping...a pastime about which neither one of us is especially enthusiastic, but she was on a mission.
i'm happy to report that she picked out and purchased beautiful new living room furniture.
mission complete.
i'm pretty sure that was the fastest few thousand she's ever spent.
saturday evening we celebrated family april birthdays and the final four at a chinese buffet and then my in law's.
by sunday the temps were on the rise so we opened windows and shed layers.

we hosted a birthday bbq for my brother at the end of the weekend.
the first burgers and dogs of the season were a delicious treat.
it was obviously quite a full weekend.
i usually crave a little more down time when i'm weekending, but the thing is...
i wouldn't have wanted to miss a single outing or occasion.