Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break

Last week was spring break.  The weather was decent.  The days and nights were the perfect balance of full and free.  We didn't go away on vacation.  Instead we stayed close to home having good old fashioned fun with friends and family.  Lily spent two whole days with her bestie,  one with her Grandma and Grandpa, and another with her cousin.  Teddy left for the Dells with friends Tuesday morning, and they were together until Friday night.  There were trips to the zoo and the movies, hikes at the Audubon, walks at the park, games, craft projects, homemade pizzas and bbqs, sleepovers and sleepunders.  Saturday we celebrated my brother's birthday and the Badgers final four victory, and Sunday we celebrated our risen Lord.  It was a sublime end to a stellar week.  The kids were lamenting the return to routine, but not I.  The next couple months are sure to pass at warp speed as we look forward to all the goodness of summer.  They want time to hurry up as I long for it to last, but neither desire has any effect on its passage.