Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2 day pass

this weekend there were horses and bases.
or rather riding and baseball.
another turn on dandy and lots and lots of baseball.
the first game of the season and two wins.
a scrimmage too.
t. bone did his job as pitcher.
his precision is more impressive than his speed.
but he's fast too.
lily found dandy stubborn this week so she's glad that admiral is on the mend.
it was also a weekend of friends and neighbors.
t. bone boasted that he had a yard full of boys (15) while we were out for the night.
i expressed my concern over this, but i wasn't too worried.
it's how it should be:
come one come all, no parents setting play dates, just kids of all ages playing together outside.
and he didn't give away our wealth in gatorade.
sunday was a catch all...filled with odds and ends.
this weekend was the embodiment of the sentiments life is what happens in the moments in between and life is good.
here's the evidence.