Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2 day pass

we welcomed the weekend on the farm on a beautiful spring eve.

the sky was rather showy, but lily was the real star with a little help from dandy.
and an audience of the whole family too.
i took about 500 pictures and then not another the rest of the weekend.

admiral is out of commission for the time being so this old guy is filling in.
they got along like they had known one another for months not minutes.

t. bone made a new friend his first night on the farm.
he decided to call him winslow.

after lily's lesson and before dandy's narcolepsy kicked in, 

she led him out to the paddock.

then she too gave winslow some love.

we said goodnight to the farm...

and headed to a nearby supper club for lots of fried food.
they happen to have my favorite perch sandwich, but best of all...
it was nice to all be together enjoying a beaut of a night.
it's a rare friday eve that ted reserves for family, and my brother and sil joined us as well.
double bonus...double happiness.
saturday coach and i met with a kitchen designer bright and early.
it was our second prospect and a much better fit than our first.
we're starting to get excited about the idea of a brand new kitchen.
and starting to get to the guts of our vision.
the rest of the day we spent in our separate pursuits before coming together for dinner.
coach grilled fajita fixings, lily made guacamole and i made a mexican rice.
ted ate. 
that's pretty much what he does these days...eat, play (sports) and sleep.
we all sang (and laughed) as we played a game of name that tune after dinner.
a little jerry, jack and taylor too.
sunday we were up early for church bright eyed and sweet sounding in our usual pew.
after sunday school, t. bone went golfing with his uncle before two baseball practices with coach.
doesn't everyone workout 3 or 4 times a day?
lily and i took a long bike ride.
my butt is still sore.
then we all gathered around the table again for sunday dinner...
and a little more singing.
i was in bed sunday night before the kids because they were off monday.
as i closed my eyes, i felt such contentment.
it was just an ordinary weekend, but it didn't feel that way.
it felt rather special.
the extraordinary ordinary. 
it was the right mix of work and play, togetherness and solitude, fresh air and cocooning, and because of that, i'm still thinking about it.