Tuesday, July 25, 2017


i kicked off the weekend watching lil's performance at the culmination of her 2 week acting camp.
she's done this camp for years, but i have to say that she seemed more confident on stage this year.
the crowd chuckled loud at her improv, she sang and danced in musical theater ala all that jazz and school of rock, and she acted a little shakepeare.

lily with cactus whom we heard a lot about the past 2 weeks because he's quite a character.

in the dessert with a treasure chest filled with gold and books.

rockin' out.

the kids had so much fun and energy with SOR.

her softball game was cancelled due to weather so jess came over and we enjoyed a GNI (girl's night in), which was exactly my speed after a long work week.
my guys were golfing.
teddy with friends and mike with my brother.
as a matter of fact, mike was pretty much MIA from thursday through saturday, but it was all good.
just as evidenced by the pictures below.

one of these guys had a double eagle day 1.

they won their flight over the weekend and made the shootout saturday eve.

time for a chip shot.

assessing the competition.

they didn't make it through the first hole of the shootout, but they sure looked cute.

and they were able to watch and cheer on the other players.

there was quite a spectator section. every cart was on the course.

cleaned up and ready to eat, drink and be merry.

flight champs!


sunday was a lazy day.
we all had big weeks.
mike played more golf in 3 days than he had all year.
he was tired and sore.
the boys went to ted's baseball banquet sunday night.
lily and i went out for dinner.
a GNO only we ate like guys...wings and rings (onion).
the conversation was better than the food.
we talked a lot about her birthday.
13 is fast approaching and i'm sort of stunned.
years are minutes and weekends are mere flashes.
here and gone.
the good thing is they leave traces of all the fun we had.

writing her birthday list.

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