Thursday, July 13, 2017


the weekend was mostly relaxing for me.
i watched softball, read, puttered in the kitchen and the yard, and went to bed early after good long days.
Lily played a lot of softball and ted played many holes of golf.
she had 4 games, 1 of which was the all star game so yea!
she represented her team on the mound and at first, and was cheered on by quite a section of family…her loyal and true fans.
he played erin hills on saturday with a group of friends and then at the club sunday with another.
when i suggested he pick up another shift at work, he informed me that was not a good idea because he’s working on more important things like his golf game.
he said this with stone-faced seriousness, and i have proof.
jess witnessed it and all i can say is that his la ti da life costs coin.
oh and currently he’s averaging about 8 hours a week.
we no longer refer to the life of riley at casa wags.
we say the life of ted.
so jess and lils spent friday together, and then jess and i spent friday night drinking good wine and eating crappy chinese, but the company and the grapes made up for the mystery meat.
we are so finding a new chinese joint and i’m sticking with the chicken always and forever.
mike made us calzones on saturday night and they were deliciously perfect not only because i knew exactly what was in them.
he’s the dough boy/pizza man of the house.
he also grilled some tasty fajitas for sunday dinner. 
i made bread twice…4 loaves…1 for us and 3 to share, and a batch of ice cream that there’s zero chance my kids would part with.
summer weekends really are the very best and it’s just so sad that they have to end at all.

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