Thursday, December 17, 2015

Diary of a New Kitchen - Part II

Slowly, but ever so surely we're seeing progress in our kitchen.  The room has gone from down to the studs, to a bare box, to a space with character and continuity.  In the past few weeks, the cabinets have been installed and the floors laid.  Now we are seeing details added like trim work and molding.  There have been a couple minor bumps in the process, but overall we are pleased and excited.  We have yet to regret a single choice.

The basement kitchen is now lovingly called Cutthroat Kitchen.  I believe that moniker is self-explanatory, yet I'm rather inspired by some of the delicious meals that have been created under the circumstances. Never mind that at times I feel more like a sherpa than a chef.

Below are some of the most recent photos complete with plenty of Peanut and Tigger photobombs. 

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