Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2 day pass

we (minus ted who was awol the first 2/3) mostly stayed close to home this weekend...
doing the things we do this time of year.
things like wrapping and decorating and baking.
i was lily's kitchen assistant as she whipped up nanny's pumpkin bars.
lily and i trimmed her tree with her vast array of animal ornaments.
this year st. nick delivered a swimmer in her stocking.
she proudly placed her front and center on the tree and mused how apropos it was following her two first places and an overall team win in saturday's meet.
teddy appreciated his runner too as far as i could tell, but far less than his new running shoes or his chunky kit kat bar.
fred returned ever the shyster.
lily was already anticipating all his antics.
coach got the lights on the bushes outside and the tree inside.
we were set to hang the ornaments, but decided to wait until ted could help.
because ted actually wanted to help.
yep...it's true.
there was time for an early morning walk.
i snuck away here and there to start and finish the good neighbor.
it kept my attention.
sunday's recessional was o come o come emmanuel, one of my faves of the season.
we won 2 of the 12 prizes we put our raffle tickets towards at the church fundraiser.
i mean ted won 2 out of the 3 he allocated.
luck doesn't even begin to explain it with this kid.
she was sad not to win the twin stuffed giraffes.
it was a blessing because there seriously is no room at the inn on her bed.
sunday dinner was chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes.
let it be known...crock pots are amazing.
it was a comforting end to a soul and spirit soothing weekend.
this week there will be more decorating, celebrating, shopping and wrapping.
walking and reading and singing carols too.
tis' the season.

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