Friday, December 18, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Rituals and traditions.  Lily and I like reading together before bed.  Sometimes aloud and others not. When the kids were little, we would read Christmas books every night in December.  We started a little late this year and we've missed a few, but we're getting through many of our favorites.  There are some real treasures.

The skies.  They have been showy.

These faces.

This week our new windows were installed and I am much more excited than I ever expected to be about windows.

A stack of Christmas movies for the weekend.  Every year I have to watch Elf, but I picked up an old favorite, Prancer and also White Christmas, which I have never seen.

We have a cookie decorating party to attend tonight.  It's the perfect year since we are down a kitchen.  I hope Lily gets her sprinkle and icing fix.

Simplifying and decluttering.  Mike Craig Listed our treadmill this week and sold it.

A mid week dinner out with Jess even if the night turned more comical than festive.  Ted morphed into a stand up comedian who sounded like Obama and sitting next to Lily was like sitting next to Ellen or Roseanne.  We came home and sat by the tree.  Jess, known in these parts as the Do Diva, braided Lily's hair so it would be kinky the next day.  All the sudden she looked at the clock and we realized it was way past our bedtime on a school night.

Lily with kinky hair.  It was super cute.  We tried it again the next night, but the consensus was that Jess is Hair Queen Supreme.

This preparation of spaghetti squash.  Bake it at 350 for an hour in a water bath.  Then scoop it out of the shell.  Add some butter, Parmesan, minced garlic and s&p.  Put it in a baking dish and top with provolone.  Bake for 10 minutes until the cheese melts.  This would also be delish with a side of marinara, but I was too lazy to go upstairs and outside to get some.

It snowed on my way to work today.  Flurried.  I was listening to Adele's new album and became verklempt.  What can I say?  It's a good album and I love snow.

I will make my final trip to UPS today and all, but two of my online purchases have arrived.

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